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The Small Business directory! Explore data on 850 Million commission dollars across nearly a half a million businesses. Chances are you can find your next client here, for free.

  • Data on all ERISA Filing Companies
  • Pension and Benefit Plan Details
  • Contact information per company
  • Benchmark Commisions across industry, state, and employee size
  • Save your prospects and notes
  • Completely free

Analytics Create Real Solutions

Benchmark paid amounts against thier cost per unit. Easily identify potential clients overpaying thier current broker.

Save New Clients Money

Employer clients and producers both benefit from finding disparities in the marketplace.



The all-in-one Sober House Management Platform. Organize and streamline your facility, so you can focus on resident progress.

  • Onboarding and Alumni data storage
  • Financial Records and Tracking
  • Drug Test Logs
  • Employee Coordination
  • Property Management
  • Operational Metrics

Focus on Operational Efficiencies

Track current residents, their payments, drug tests, notes, and progress. Add information per proprty, view occupancy and current beds available. View details at a propert portfolio level, or per residence.

Get your Team Coordinated

A great program starts with a coordinated team! Outsource tasks as you see fit. Owners can add users, enable, and disable permissions. Review edits and deletes by each employee. Add notes and comments for your employees to see.

We Offer Services

Hire us to build your custom, in-house, analytics platform. Or, enjoy our current products.

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Meet The Team

Design Patterns are what Dreams are Made On.
Be Lucid.



Founder, Product Developer

Skilled, micropenuer & product developer. Data drives my life. Hard working, hard playing. If I could clone me and work beside myself, it would be a collaborative, yet challenging, competition.

Beta Dexter


Product Inspiration

If a lap needs warming, count me in. I keep company to the people designing the goods. Don't underestimate that role. Mighty entrepenuers come in tiny, fluffy, packages



Founder, Sales & Design, Healthcare

The RN, who treats feverish clients to new applications. If you have an itch for a new feature, product or platform, drop her a line. Her favorite color is a place, and that place is Moab.

Common Questions

Everything you need to know

What is The Lucid Loop?

A small (micro) software company. We build platforms for subjects, we know, or people we know who need products. Once we develop products, we sell them to you, the user.

I have technical problem, who do I email?

We hope you never have technical problems, although things do happen. The quickest way to get any questions answered, is via email at, our phone number is also below.

How do I sign up for, or purchase products?

Visit each site to learn about signing up. If you need further guidance, please send us an email at

What languages do you use?

We deal mostly in vanilla Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap, EJS, and HTML. We use the super secure cloud based MongoDB for database needs and Mongoose for querying.

Are you hiring?

Yes! Send us a message to learn more.

Are your products free?

Ecovery is a pay for service, however we are the most affordable option in the sober house management software space. 5500search is 100% FREE! We are passionate about bringing transparency to the healthcare industry, as we believe it drives healthcare costs lower to the end consumer. We hope to develop more, and more, free products that aid in transparency.